Versatile Supervisory Alarm Engine

PARCalarm-Configure Complex Multi-variable alarms

Configure complex, multi-variable alarms from an easy-to-use configuration screen.

PARCalarm-Deliver timely Notifications

Deliver timely notifications to the right people so they can act quickly.

PARCalarm-Provide root-cause analysis

Provide root-cause analysis for process excursions.

Key Features

Powerful Alarm Template System

Create alarms from many pre-defined templates, including alarms based on Western Electric rules (SQC/QPC), conditional rules, noise filtering, and more. Assign a priority and categories to alarms, or take advantage of sophisticated deadbanding.

Universal Access to Events

PARCalarm stores event information in a centralized database that can be accessed by other dataPARC applications. Alarm events can be viewed from Trends, Graphics, Centerlines, Logbook, Pareto Charts, Excel, and SQL reports.

Get Instant Notifications

Configure email and SMS notifications to alert individuals when an alarm is triggered. Define a message template to include tag values, the assigned cause, custom instructions, and links to Trends. Choose to receive notification when the alarm has cleared.

Add Reasons and Comments

Assign root causes to events using PARCview’s hierarchical and configurable “reason tree”. Optional fields, such as comments, equipment ID, or evidence, can also be entered. Events and their associated cause information can be automatically replicated to PARCview’s Logbook.