Dynamic Dashboard Creation Tool

PARCgraphics-Create dynamic Dashboards

Use PARCgraphics Designer to create dynamic dashboards using data from every available source.

PARCgraphics-Overview of plant-wide operating conditions

Get an at-a-glance understanding of plant-wide operating conditions.

PARCgraphics-Tons of data-aware graphics objects

Choose from thousands of data-aware graphic objects.

Key Features

Customized Views of Real-time Plant Conditions

Take advantage of PARCgraphics Designer’s numerous data-aware graphics objects, custom PARCview controls, and professional design tools to create dashboards that are as complex or streamlined as necessary. Create sophisticated process control layouts with ease. Distill large amounts of process data into an information-rich graphical display in order to focus on key performance indicators.

Industry Standard Graphics Library

PARCgraphics Designer offers a graphics library based on Microsoft® WPF and XAML, with over 5000 graphic objects and controls. Choose from industry standard symbols, including pumps, valves, gauges, and tanks, or build custom data-aware objects. Create interactive graphics with buttons, drop-down menus, tabbed forms, and text entry fields.

Dynamic Animation Based on Process Data

Create animated displays by associating object properties with tag values. All object properties such as font size & color, background, foreground, visible, etc. can be tied to individual tag values. Blinking, audible, glowing, rotating, speed, and many other animation capabilities available.

View Data from Any Source

Bring data from all available sources together into a single dashboard. Combine real-time historian, lab quality, vibration, alarm, logbook and financial data all in one dashboard rich view.

Easy-to-use Features

Build dashboards with ease by simply dragging tags to objects to activate them and gain performance visibility. Access PARCview’s Tag Browser directly from PARCgraphics Designer. Apply mathematical expressions to tag values using the same syntax as PARCview’s Script Editor.

Convert SVG Graphics to XAML PARCgraphics

Upgrade SVG-based graphics to Microsoft® XAML-based technology. Easily convert all PI ProcessBook® graphics to PARCgraphics with high fidelity.