Remote Access to Critical Plant Data

PARCmobile-Respond Quickly to Emergencies

Respond quickly to production emergencies and shifts in product quality.

PARCmobile-Manage conditions 24/7

Monitor plant conditions while in meetings, on the road, or at home.

PARCmobile-Trends, Graphs, and Dashboards

Access all PARCview trends, graphics, and dashboards from any device.

Key Features

Never be Out-of-touch

Plant Managers require 24-hour access to data. PARCmobile enables you to monitor production quotas and product quality remotely. Respond to incidents as if you were on-site, with decisions driven by data.

Live Plant Data From Any Device

With PARCmobile, access plant data from any internet-enabled mobile device: smartphones (iOS, Android, Windows, and Blackberry), tablets, and PCs. Features of PARCmobile include automatic display refresh and the ability to pan Trend displays.

Easy Access to PARCview Directory

Navigate through your entire PARCview Displays directory, or establish a dedicated folder for mobile displays. Convenient Refresh and Back buttons make it easy to browse through displays.

Bookmark Key Displays

Each PARCview display can be bookmarked just like any other webpage. Save views of critical or problematic processes and load them using your mobile web browser.