Predict Plant Quality Values in Real-Time

PARCmodel-Develop advanced process control strategies

Develop more responsive advanced process control strategies.

PARCmodel-Timely Desicion Making

Make timely decisions based on real-time simulated data.

PARCmodel-Improve monitoring of maintenance respones

Improve monitoring of maintenance response and equipment degradation.

Key Features

Accurate Real-Time Feedback

PARCmodel reads live process data from the plant, such as temperature and pressure readings, and uses it to calculate values from user-developed models. Estimate properties that are impractical or impossible to measure online. Use calculation outputs in open-loop for instant operator feedback.

User Friendly

PARCview provides a familiar user interface for model creation and optimization. Drive model building with PARCview’s dynamic Trend control to easily capture a dataset.

Closed Loop Automation Control

Develop robust and reliable closed loop control strategies using PARCmodel outputs as soft sensors.

Advanced Options

Advanced features available: dead time compensation, filtering, data validation, model adjustments based on lab and more.