• Performance

    Our proprietary archiving technology provides quick retrieval that wont't degrade as database grows.

  • Reliability

    Store and forward buffering, options for high availability and failover. Automated monitoring.

  • Scalability

    PARCserver is not limited by tag count, big or small, making it suitable for systems.

The Foundation for your Plant Information Management System (PIMS)


PARCcalc Server’s Visual Basic-driven engine makes it easy to build simple or advanced logic-based tags calculated from one or many data sources. Easily modify a formula and re-calculate historical data.


dataPARC takes advantage of open protocols (ODBC and OPC, et al.) to provide easy access to a broad range of data sources. PARCserver is capable of acquiring high frequency data from hundreds of data systems and sources such as DCS, PLC, SCADA, MES, Advanced Metering, PLC, Batch, database, IT assets and others.


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