Residence Time Model for Pulping Process

PARCtrack-desicion making based on future projections

Pro-active decision making & control strategies based on future projections.

PARCtrack-address concerns through proper tracking

Address quality concerns by accurately tracking pulp orders through production.

PARCtrack-determine correlations

Quickly determine the correlation of downstream & upstream properties.

Key Features

Residence Time Model

By calculating the mass in, mass out, and total tank inventory with one degree of freedom, the PARCtrack model provides accurate time-shifting between unit operations. PARCtrack accounts for multiple storage tanks by utilizing valve positions (automated or manual) to move stock to the proper tank.

Multi-Tank Visualization

PARCtrack breaks the production process into a series of “tanks” that can be defined as mixed flow or plug flow. Handle variation by adjusting tuning parameters for each tank.

Precision Tagging Capabilities

Virtual tags are created for each tracked property and are evaluated at each downstream tank, just like having new sensors throughout the process.

Universal Tag Definitions

A universal tag is created between each defined tank, allowing for correlation of any set of tags—whether configured in advance or not.

PARCgraphics Integration

PARCtrack uses a custom PARCgraphics Designer object and PARCview's projected data capability to create a visualization of properties through each tank.