Combine data from multiple sites and multiple data sources in a single view without double configuration of tags or double storing of data. “Data Series” connections include drivers to real-time historians built on vendor provided API/SDK’s and industry standard templates (SQL, Web Services, etc.) to connect other key sources of data.

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Produce a graphical representation of your process, complete with:

  • Real-Time Values
  • Calculated Variables
  • Dynamic Animations
  • Blinking Alarms
  • Links to Other Displays
  • Historical Analysis Playback

Excel Add-in

Designed to automate common or tedious Excel tasks and make it easy to build reusable reports, PARCxla enables users to spend more time making important decisions and less time wrestling with data.

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Data Aggregation & Trend Performance

Plants often face a performance vs. resolution dilemma with data. Infrastructure improvements have allowed plants to more easily capture and store high resolution data (1 millisecond or faster sample rate).

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Dashboards & KPIs

dataPARC’s built-in graphic designer can be used to create dynamic, highly informative dashboards that give you an at-a-glance overview of the condition of major process flows and KPIs at your plant.

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Anytime Access to Live Plant Data

Get critical plant data into the hands of important decision-makers anywhere by bringing PARCview’s powerful data visualization tools to mobile devices, making it easy for key personnel to respond to downtime events or simply monitor plant conditions, regardless of your location.

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Reporting Tools

PARCview’s highly configurable scripting and scheduling application can schedule and deliver recurring reports or other key data to management and other decision-makers.

Features Include:
  • Dashboard Report Delivery
  • Event-Triggered Reports
  • Scheduled Reports

Real-Time Process Monitoring & Notification

Capture key process variable excursions and send automatic notifications via email or SMS when events occur.

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Better Data. Better Decisions.

PARCview is a real-time data analysis and visualization tool developed by the end user, for the end user. Quickly transform critical data into useful information for timely decision making and root-cause analysis.

“At the end of the day, having quick and effective decision-making tools are what differentiates the winners from the losers, and for us, PARCview enables that shift in performance.“