Excel-Powered Data Analysis

PARCxla-Automate Reusable Excel Tasks

Automate common tedious Excel tasks and easily build reusable reports

PARCxla-Familiar Excel interface

Familiar Excel interface provides convenient access to critical data.

PARCxla-Less wasted time

Spend more time making important decisions and less time wrestling with data.

Key Features

Normalized Data Template

Quickly build a tabular report of any dataset, including process, manual or lab quality, rollup, alarm event, and calculated data, by dragging and dropping tags from PARCview’s Tag Browser. Get the exact data you need along with integrated statistics, such as min, max, average, and standard deviation. Apply a min or max filter to individual tags, or filter all tags at once by machine uptime or product run. Easily create Excel charts from the normalized data.

Data Mining with Cross-correlation Function

Study the cross-correlation relationships (R2 or R) of multiple tags simultaneously, with color-coded values to show the highest and lowest correlations. View scatter plots of the comparisons to drill into tag relationships.

Production Reports

Build powerful automated reports of production information. Use the Function Painter to easily create in-cell functions to retrieve tag data. Import data from the entire dataPARC system, including Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), reasons assigned to alarm events, logbook comments, and more.